Represent Your Buyer
Like Never Before

The Buyer Listing Service™ is the first platform that allows you to broadcast your needs, find hidden gems, and set your own terms.

The post-NAR settlement landscape:
We Got Your Back

Use The Buyer Listing Service™ to advocate for your buyer and your services—the new way to find the right property & proactively communicate any requested concessions from sellers.

How can you level up your services with Gitcha?

By increasing your reach beyond traditional sites, old methods, and ordinary tools that do the same things.

Gitcha for Buyer Agents

Expand your
sphere of influence

Be specific with your client’s buy box including their timing, financing and other key criteria and share it with your sphere. We’ll then broadcast your want-listing to your new network that’s used by the industry’s deal makers.

Nudge homes off the sidelines

There are many property owners out there that would sell under the right circumstances, and that isn’t always exclusively dictated by price. Create a compelling listing that includes being open and flexible!

Advocate for
your value

MLS and Portal sites can’t publish unilateral offers of compensation to Buyer use Gitcha to request what you’ve agreed upon in your Buyer’s Rep. Agreement.

Meet your match

Gitcha is designed for you to attract exclusive purchase opportunities and organically meet new customers too!

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Gitcha Preferred Pro

“Being forward, innovative, and finding creative solutions is how I stay competitive in my market. It really comes down to finding the right match, especially in the luxury space. Partnering with Gitcha is a huge value add to my clients, my ability to pursue new inventory opportunities, create new deals and be a great matchmaker.”

Mike Swanson, Engel & Völkers

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Gitcha Preferred Pro

"A platform like Gitcha is crucial for my business because it offers me a unique competitive advantage by connecting my sellers with serious buyers discreetly and efficiently. This approach not only protects the privacy of sellers but also helps gauge market demand accurately and tailor offers that truly meet clients' needs. By leveraging these tools, I can provide a more personalized and effective real estate experience."

Dani Philpott, dC Real Estate

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pro member

“In a marketplace where client needs are not always being effectively fulfilled by MLS inventory, we crave alternative outlets for creating a deal! The Gitcha community is a long-overdue solution for agents to create value and options for their clients!”

Nick Dibos, Dibos Realty Group

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Pro member of gitcha.

pro member

“This app/system has the potential to become your primary tool in handling the Real Estate business. It saves time, focuses your efforts on the buyers and sellers that are most likely to act and will make your business more efficient. What a great choice with the most valuable commodity: your time!”

David Kammerer, Summit Funding

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Pro member of gitcha.

Gitcha for Selling Agents

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Store & study
buyer demand

It takes 1 minute to store a home to your private inventory. Gitcha will then send you notifications when someone posts a want-listing that matches your home specs. Enter any property you want—it’s all private!

The feed of leads

See real-time demand and match your client’s properties with active buyers in the area. If you have the house, look for the right buyer on the open feed and we’ll send you notifications of new postings too.

Directly introduce properties

Communicate with your fellow agents as well as unrepresented parties who post want-listings on Gitcha if you have stored something similar to what they are looking for. Clear Cooperation & Fair Housing compliant.

The power of current data

Want to understand the market with the data of today rather than yesterday? Study the want-listings in your local area to see what people are looking for and what they’ll

Discover Exclusive Inventory Privately Sent to You

Post your buyers wants, sit back, and let agents or ownerssend their properties to you privately. Uncover on/off-market & upcoming listings for your clients. It's that simple!

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Buyers are out there, you just couldn’t see them...until now.

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Gitcha is creating more inventory options
for agents

Just like the perfect home can move a buyer into the market, a perfect buyer or buyer pool can move a seller into the market. We help you cater to those clients that would sell under the right conditions and for the right price.

Agents can use Gitcha’s data as a reason to contact current sellers, on-the-fence owners, and past buyer clients about the current market of buyers wanting a home like exactly like theirs.

Removing friction for sellers, offering privacy to those clients reluctant to list their home and increasing inventory to provide buyers more purchase options are key parts to our mission.

Ready to get started?

No commission splits. No hefty fees.

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Becoming a Member is a No-Brainer

Unlock an entirely new way to cultivate opportunities & communicate with fellow agents, clients, property owners & investors. Seamlessly integrate with your current processes and differentiate yourself all for the low monthly cost of 2 Grande Carmel Macchiatos.

Member Exclusive Benefits Include:

The Buyer Listing Form

A game changing value add for your buyer clients:
A digital form that let’s your client fill out their buying criteria and details and autofills that information into your dashboard ready for you post a Buyer Want-Ad Listing for them! 

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Organization & unlimited
space for more deals

You’ll not only receive the ability to organize by client but you can add as many properties as you want to track data.

Plus you can keep notes on your clients and export pdfs of your records.

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Broadcast your brand

Lite (free) agent profiles DON’T have a profile photo, bio, contact information and pro badge but as a member, you will! Attract leads and bring exposure to your brand of hustle on Gitcha.

*Note: branded profiles are currently active for Members on sent introductions. Gitcha will release visible profiles on want-listings in 3rd qtr of 2024.

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Coming very soon...

  1. V2 Agent Dashboard interface
  2. Visibly see all other agent members information next to want listings (just like MLS)
  3. Branded client forms
  4. Reports of real-time buyer demand data
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Become a Gitcha Preferred Pro - Experience Elevated Exposure

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Join the Deal Makers Network
Modernize your Buyer Experience
Redefining the Client Journey in Real Estate
Shaping Exceptional Real Estate Experiences
Delivering Unforgettable Client Journeys
Empowering Agents to Make Every Client's Dream Home a Realty
Join the Deal Makers Network
Modernize your Buyer Experience
Redefining the Client Journey in Real Estate
Shaping Exceptional Real Estate Experiences
Delivering Unforgettable Client Journeys
Empowering Agents to Make Every Client's Dream Home a Realty
Join the Deal Makers Network
Modernize your Buyer Experience
Redefining the Client Journey in Real Estate
Shaping Exceptional Real Estate Experiences
Delivering Unforgettable Client Journeys
Empowering Agents to Make Every Client's Dream Home a Realty

How it Works


Post Buyers Wants & Needs

Post a want-ad for what your clients are looking for. Express their must-haves & nice-to-haves, desired location, timeline, financing details, your desired buyer’s agent commission and more. Once you post, your want-ad listings are searchable and matchable for agents/owners to discover.


Privately Gauge Demand For Owners

Rather than old data, Gitcha shows you what buyers & renters are looking for in your area and what they're willing to pay. Just privately load your properties (Inventory) into Gitcha, select which one you want to gauge interest of under the 'match' tab, and see the real-time demand!


Privately Connect via Introductions

If you loaded a property into your inventory, you can privately introduce it to an agent/buyer's want-ad listing in just seconds.

If you posted a want-ad listing, agents/owners can send you an introduction of their property. You'll first receive a preview, and to see the full address, description, photos and to read a private note from the agent/owner, accept the introduction. If you're intrigued, message them within 72 hrs. If it's not a fit, just mark it “not a fit.”


Manage and Organize by Client

Professionals can subscribe to Gitcha's Premium Package for access to the Agent Dashboard. With lots of clients with multiple wants (some similar to others) and properties to keep track of, the dashboard is a powerful tool.

Organize every client and prospect's wants & needs, store the properties of current, past and potential clients in a private inventory dashboard...keep notes for your teams, track key contacts & info, client likes and dislikes, and more!


Watch Video Tutorials Here

A comprehensive overview and instructional guide to everything you need to know to utilize the power of Gitcha.

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Get Started

Your Questions, Answered

How much does Gitcha cost?

For agents, Gitcha has 3 tiers of pricing catered to each type of agent or team:

The Pro Member package is free, recommended for part-time agents. This allows agents to post free want ads but they’re limited to storing 2 properties in their inventory and would pay a $3 fee per property introduction to buyer’s want-ad listings.

The Pro Premium package is $12/month (paid annually, or $15 per month), recommended for full-time real estate agents. Premium users can post unlimited want-ad listings for free, can store unlimited properties in their inventory, are provided 10 free property introductions to potential buyers & buyer’s agents per month, get to enjoy customized bios with photo, and have access to the Agent Dashboard. The Dashboard has some CRM functionality, key to being able to effectively manage all of your wants and properties organized by clients, especially when each client may have multiple want listings or multiple properties.

The final offering is the Pro Preferred package, our best partnership level that will be releasing soon. The Preferred Agents (limited amount per area) will have access to exclusive data, in-app abilities, Gitcha’s warm leads program and more.

How do I see buyers looking in my area?

Gitcha’s feed is unlike any other marketplace, where it only displays real-time buyers and agents wanting something in/near your area. As soon as you land in Gitcha’s feed, you’re seeing buyers rather than homes for sale.

What happens after a property is introduced to my Want-Ad?

The handshake icon at the top of the page contains any new introductions that have been sent to you by property owners or agents. You will click "view" to see a preview of the property. If it looks like a fit, click "accept" and you’ll get to view the property address, the entire photo gallery, the full description and all pertinent details along with the owner or agent who sent it to you. It is here you will also be able to read a personalized message if they included one.. You have 72 hours after accepting to respond back with a message to continue the conversation or mark “not a fit”, otherwise it will expire.

What’s the difference between Gitcha and our company’s internal group?

More Opportunities: Internal networks are not enough exposure when it comes to getting your clients wants and needs met. Just like the MLS, exposure needs to be available to all, to find success. When you limit your network, you limit your buyer matches. Gitcha makes wants & needs accessible for everyone, which means you aren’t limited by the agents in your brokerage, your Facebook followers, or internal group size. And, you may also be introduced to property that a property owner has, which will not only increase the amount of properties to stumble upon but also may provide you an opportunity to meet a new client!

More Effective: Every buyer want-ad posted is searchable and matchable so your "in search of" posts aren’t getting lost in a never in a never ending feed. 

More Efficient: Posting a want-ad takes approximately 3 minutes, and it contains all of the necessary information–and possibly some key details related to timing and circumstance– for owners, selling agents and landlords in an easy-to-read format. For selling agents you can click the match button and browse buyers/agents relevant to your clients property, then send it directly to them. In a few clicks, you’ve skipped the back and forth messaging, scrolling, and wasted time.

Is Gitcha MLS and NAR compliant?

Yes, in fact Gitcha was created based on agent case studies and input from agent focus panels as well as key members of the National Association of Realtors. Gitcha asks all agents to follow NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy in your area and the Federal Fair Housing Act before sending any property introductions.